How to Prep Your Boat for Summer Game Fishing

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How to Prep Your Boat for
Summer Game Fishing

Experience goes a long way in preparing your boat for summer game fishing season, and here we’ve put together our best tips to make sure you and your vessel are ready for the season. After you've prepared and taken care of your fishing boat, you’ll be able to spend many hours on the water, happily catching fish.

Start with some basic maintenance, including a thorough cleaning along with a visual inspection. Clean the propeller, examine the hull, test your engine, and consider an oil change if needed. Check the batteries, inspect the drain plug, electronics, fuel and oil hoses, and lights. If you notice anything you suspect could indicate a problem, have your boat inspected by a mechanic or other professional equipped to do proper inspections.

Next, purchase new or inspect your existing safety equipment including life jackets, fire extinguishers, kill switch, ropes, and the batteries in the weather radio, making any necessary replacements. Check your signaling devices such as air horn, whistle, flags, or flares. Keep items from shifting and prevent accidental injuries by using rod holders and tie-downs.

Last but not least, ensure you have personal items for any weather conditions, as they can change suddenly when you’re on the water. Include foul weather gear, polarized sunglasses and sunscreen, along with long pants and a shirt with long sleeves to provide protection from the elements.

For any boat, renting a slip at a marina is a good investment. At a marina, your boat is always conveniently located to just pick up and head out to your favorite fishing spot. In fact, South Florida is one of the largest boating locales, and boasts one of the best marinas in Broward County. Among South Florida marinas, Coral Ridge Yacht Club is a private member-owned Club that is rich in tradition and dedicated to yachting, social, and family-oriented activities in beautiful Fort Lauderdale.

Coral Ridge Yach Club Marina

Offering a wide variety of events, activities and amenities, membership includes an active and life-loving blend of families, semi-retired and retired individuals who are seeking to create memories, honor traditions and create life-long relationships in an elegant, relaxed and welcoming environment.

The membership at Coral Ridge Yacht Club is constantly expanding and welcoming new individuals who contribute to our CRYC family. Although membership is by invitation only, through sponsorship by a current member, the Membership Department is here to help connect potential members to our existing members.

Additionally, all members of Coral Ridge Yacht Club are eligible to enjoy privileges at over thirty-six yacht clubs in Florida ensuring that you have a home away from home, no matter where you are in Florida.

If you would like more information on our yacht club and marina facilities for members, please contact Coral Ridge Yacht Club today.