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Yacht Clubs are for Kids, Too!

Yacht Clubs are for Kids, Too!

Kids Activities at CRYC

Yacht Clubs are for Kids, Too!

Face-to-face interactions are becoming less frequent, and yet perhaps even more important to families in today’s digital world. Therefore, an atmosphere that the entire family can enjoy has become vital, and the terrific kids activities at your local yacht club may be just what you need in order to spend fun and quality time together.

Most parents would agree that when choosing kids activities for their child, safety would be at the top their list. So, it’s a great feeling to know that your children are having fun within the club while surrounded by familiar faces in a protected setting.

Create fun shared experiences at the Coral Ridge yacht club

By welcoming kids, Coral Ridge Yacht Club creates fun shared experiences and wonderful memories between yacht club members and involves children with a sense of community within the club. Our members enjoy spending time together at the club sharing fun family activities with plenty of kid-friendly games and our beautiful, sparkling swimming pool. In fact, ask our activities director, who will tell you that the fun never ends. 

At Coral Ridge Yacht Club, we are devoted to providing our member’s children and grandchildren with plenty of great kids activities. Our members can feel comfortable and secure with our facilities, our responsible management team, and with fellow members. Our member’s children have a wonderful opportunity to feel more connected at the club.

Coral Ridge Yacht Club Kids Activities

Family-friendly programs at a yacht club

The benefits of our family-friendly programs are numerous. In fact, it’s easy to see the value of membership at Coral Ridge Yacht Club, when you’re wondering, “What are the kids activities near me?” We offer something for everyone in the family, and with your membership, all our family-focused offerings are sure to be welcome.

The Coral Ridge Yacht Club is a family-friendly, multi-generational Club offering a myriad of activities for our members and their children or grandchildren of all ages. Whether it’s fun-filled activities at the Point Bar & Grille, celebrating the holidays, or enrolling your children in CRYC's sailing and watersports programs or summer camp, the Club's family activities are sure to become treasured family traditions.

Let us help you plan an unforgettable summer, providing fun family-friendly activities with cherished childhood memories in our beautiful setting. For more information, please contact us at Coral Ridge Yacht Club today.