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Need an Amazing Date Night Spot?

Fine Dining Experience on Date Night

Need an Amazing Date Night Spot?

Intimate dining is at the very heart of romance. In fact, a dinner date is all about love. Traditionally, a big part of romance and love has included going out to a fine dining restaurant that serves terrific food in a beautiful ambience. Whether it’s new love or long-married couples, date nights are an important way to enjoy time with one another. They can build, strengthen or rekindle romance and even help to sustain love.

Find the perfect restaurant venue on a yacht

Yet, there are a number of things to consider when picking the perfect restaurant venue. Where you choose to go can greatly affect the level of romance, and there’s nothing like dining with fabulous water views. Waterfront fine dining is a spectacular experience and relaxing while watching the yachts passing by can make everything seem blissful.

At the Coral Ridge Yacht Club, when you join us for a date night, you create an experience. A cozy table in the relaxed, quiet atmosphere of yacht club dining allows the conversation to flow over fabulous food. Plan to catch a romantic sunset with sensational views. You can sit close, share food and a great conversation, enjoy the views, and create a memory.

The ultimate fine dining experience for members

Located along Florida's famed Gold Coast on the Intracoastal Waterway, the Coral Ridge Yacht Club offers old-world elegance, exceptional cuisine and outstanding service. The Club provides the ultimate fine dining experience for members and their guests in our timeless Wheel Room, with our executive chef and his culinary team.

We also welcome guests from the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs, as well as other yacht clubs located nationally and internationally, and provide dock space for our members wanting to enjoy dinner. What could be more romantic?

Along with impeccable personalized service, Coral Ridge Yacht Club guarantees the picture-perfect dining experience along with our breathtaking views of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and the beautiful homes along Sunrise Bay.

Let Coral Ridge Yacht Club provide you with a memorable, perfectly romantic, waterfront fine dining venue for your next dinner date. For more information on how we can help you plan your date night, please contact Coral Ridge Club today.